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Date codes are usually done with acid, so they are burned into glass.Some tubes, like Telefunken, don’t have acid date code, it’s usually printed on the glass as part of the silk screen and very easily removed. This is much more complicated since there is no standardization on that, each factory used their own codes.These are taken from scrap engines that are destroyed because of use hours exceeded. This fakery is a great problem for aviation industry, as fakers do a perfect good job, re plating everything, faking series numbers, imprints and certificates, in an perfect way.In Belgium they made chicken food from used engine oil.

Combined Electronic Services or CES, 604 Purley Way (as it was know to many and now seems to be – at least in part – a Lexus site!A lot of questions have been asked about when a tube is made, so here you go, a quick guide on how to decipher the date codes.For the most European tubes made after 1955 date codes are located on the bottom of a side wall of a tube (not always the case) In this case it’s B0D (this is for Mullard, Blackburn – 1960 – April) The code is broken down into 3 or 4 characters.Finding the code could be very easy, but occasionally it’s quite challenging.Start with naked eye and if you can’t find it use magnifying glass.

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