Stop steam games updating peter andre dating

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Select "Do Not Update Automatically" Come on people at least learn the features that Steam has. I am doing exactly what you describe, but the next time I load steam, it has reset itself to auto update in spite of me setting it to not do so.

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That, or pray that Sega actually patches their crap to be playable (about as likely as it raining Sega Saturns outside).

My wifi sucks and it would take hours to reinstall!

How can i get steam to recognize the game is installed so it will update!???

I have a 16GB internet cap, so you see the problem. there are 2 separate games in the steam library (MW2 SP and MW2 MP).

Well, I installed the first 8 GB off the disk, but now it says I need to download 3GB more (in updates/patches, I presume). All help [email protected] Bat These updates are for the singleplayer game, e.g.

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