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There has been talk for months that this was in the works, but now it is confirmed by Serial Scoop.

This is just another in a series of cast shakeups at the NBC soap and we have Mansi’s final air date, or at least approximate one, for you!

This makes Abby’s final airdate between mid-May and mid-June as DOOL films 5 1/2 months is advance.

DOOL fans of the Chabby couple won’t like the loss of a favorite couple and it leads to questions of whether this is slated to be a character departure or an actor recast.

Roger Swanson is a hopelessly cynical advertising copywriter with a razor-sharp wit who believes he has mastered the art of manipulating women.

But Roger's seemingly foolproof world of smooth talk and casual sex begins to unravel when he is paid a surprise visit by his teenager nephew, Nick.

The daytime drama had been gradually losing viewers, and ABC feared losing money on the production.

“Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Kate Mansi, portrayer of Abigail Devereaux, is leaving the show!I was unable to watch this film to completion due to the poor cinematography.I understand that the bobbing and weaving camera technique is done for effect, but when the "effect" makes it unwatchable, the director has failed from my perspective.Susan Lucci joins "The View" on Friday for the morning gab show's hourlong salute to "All My Children," which airs its final episode Friday.Cast members, former cast members, fans and former fans have expressed consternation as well as sadness since it was announced in April that the soap would be taken off the air.

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