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Elsden and his colleagues want to explore other ways we can use data that gets collected as we go about our modern lives.




Now add a pair of very thick glasses—thick like the bottom of a pop bottle. Now add a kippah (a Jewish skullcap), and a small gold stud to his left ear and make him unstoppably cuddly. “Good to see you Danny,” I said as I kissed his forehead and sat down in front of him. ” Without looking up, he replied, “Neither good nor bad—just here.” “Oh good, detaching from your wound-body again, are you? He put the book off to the side and looked me square in the face. Perhaps to manage the pain, perhaps to find an answer, he became a spiritual seeker, focusing on various Eastern perspectives.” The team recruited their speed daters on social media and via posters around their university campus.A week before the event, the participants were sent a form to fill out.Today, a group of publishers joined us in Leiden to explore all Learnbeat features and share experiences in developing digital courses.Inspirational workshops were organised on topics such as metadating of content, digital templates and developing content for personalised learning routes.

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