Why is sirius radio up dating speed dating brisbane 2016

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When Howard Stern's show was broadcast on terrestrial radio stations, he commanded ,000 for a live read.It's not a huge surprise spots are cheaper on Sirius, given Sirius' 4.7 million subscribers as of midyear.Standouts include: Explaining the thought process behind her conscious uncoupling with Chris Martin, saying that she thought Brad Pitt was “too good for her,” and giving her blessing to Martin and his one-time potential flame, Jennifer Lawrence.LOS ANGELES (Ad Age.com) -- First Howard Stern made the leap. Laura Schlessinger is the latest radio personality to transition from terrestrial radio to satellite. Laura" announced today she would move her daily call-in chat show from syndication to Sirius XM Radio, where it will broadcast five days a week from 2 p.m. "I won't name names, so [liberal watchdog group] Media Matters and others will just have to subscribe to Sirius to find out who they are," she told Ad Age. Schlessinger comes to Sirius XM at a time when the company just finished its third-quarter with 19.9 million subscribers and, according to a recent Arbitron study, over 35 million listeners. Laura" listeners also found that 25% of the host's audience owns or has access to a Sirius XM radio. Laura Family newsletter will also be e-mailed an offer for a 30-day trial for Sirius XM as well as a free radio to sample it. Schlessinger today to learn more about the fallout from her latest statement, her relationships with advertisers and what listeners (and sponsors) can expect from her upcoming multi-year deal with Sirius XM. Most of what goes on in that arena is politically motivated, anyway.Does Sirius XM support suggestions that West Indian fans at a cricket game are “uncivilised?, they will help male and female listeners identify their dating patterns and uncover their roadblocks, leading to major light bulb moments.Her extensive experience in dealing with human relations issues and looking for each person's unique talents formed a natural link to her "fabulous second act" as a professional matchmaker.Rate drop Spots are going for ,000 to ,000, with live reads, the term for on-air talent pitching the product, maxing out at ,000.

Given that the West Indians shown in the ad were clearly acting in a manner that is regular and not out of the ordinary, Kasparian’s condemnation of their actions as being uncivilised can only be construed one way: it was clearly a racist statement as it was based on the race of the people shown."There's a certain emotional piece [to buying media] but the rest boils down to how many are listening.And just because you have 4 million subscribers doesn't mean they're all listening to Stern." Sirius rival XM does offer some audience data culled from a custom Arbitron report, although buyers note it doesn't offer detailed average-quarter-hour ratings pegged to specific demos.Hence, we ask why Kasparian has not been condemned by her employers, including and Sirius XM radio.Indeed, why are her racist statements being broadcast on Sirius XM at all?

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