Lee byung hun and choi ji woo dating

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However, this was a movie in which he wasn't really allowed to reveal his range of acting skills, and is largely a disposable movie which will probably be long forgotten in years to come. (In fact, I couldn't really see why this movie wasn't just made as a TV production rather than wasting good money as a movie format.) The lead actor played by Lee Byung Hun plays around with 3 sisters of very differing personalities.This movie essentially fits in to the current Korean fad for 'romantic comedies' with added inspiration from the U. We get to see him pair up again with the actress Choi Ji Woo, who plays one of the sisters.The story is about a man who meets the youngest of three sisters and then ends up influencing all of their lives in the most charismatic way.He tries his best to uplift their spirits by giving them closure and a friend.

Most media broadcasters in the Philippines airing Korean dramas are ABS-CBN (with its former sister channel, Studio 23), GMA Network (with its former sister channel QTV), TV5, as well as minor TV networks Net 25, government channel PTV and among others especially IBC.

While Byung-hun began to achieve success in the television drama realm, he initially found little success in the big screen realm. " & "Run Away" received muted responses at the box office and from critics.

It wasn't until 1998, that Lee Byung-Hun started attracting the attention of critics with his performance in "The Harmonium in My Memory" (starring opposite Do-yeon Jeon). and i'm really sure that many would agree with me that he is the best korean actor ever.

So i got curious what happened to him.i was shocked that he was suspended sentence for taking ecstacy (oppa why? :) I really don't know this Korean actor but interested to watch "Five Fingers", then come across to know this actor. Then i recently watched an episode of Running Man where Ji Hoon was one of the guests. This guy is not just good-looking but smart as well. I'll be watching Mask soon, also Five fingers, as recommended below,as im also a fan of ji chang wook Was not disappointed with the ending of Mask. First time see him playing father to a little girl and carrying her. I mean he can walk around with the sack and people will still think he's gorgeous.

The last time i saw him in a drama was in 'Goong or Princess Hours' one of the best kdrama for me and my first kactor i adored (sorry song joong ki oppa but u r my first love) hahaha.. I really really like your drama " Mask " and I had never missed any scenes, thank for your abilities of acting. Also, you and soo ae look good together( but she is not your girlfriend ), I wish you would win best couple award. 사랑해 지훈씨 Hi Floreina, Thanks for responding..a time, people here do not respond to each other. I had watch a number of dramas that were very good, only to end in a very sloppy way. Such ways are not doing credits to all the casts especially the leads...although living in someone's identity is not realistic but lets hope it will wrap up nicely...afterall, the name speaks for itself - mask..... He's so good looking that he doesn't even need to try in the photoshoots or elsewhere.

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