Blackplanet online dating

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As for this site being racist like I saw in two comments that just sounds like right wing propaganda lol. But over the years it has deteriorated due to all the gays, stalkers, and hackers. Some members flood and spam the chat rooms, Some creating fake profiles with the same exact spelling of an already existing profile. If not stopped put under controlled, because I have a feeling he would make someone else his victim. With over 20 Million members, Black Planet is the world's largest online niche community. Key Features include:* Meet New People* Send friend invites* Send notes to members* Create lists of favorite users* Browse local and popular listings* Post status updates and upload photos* Measure your popularity across the network Optimized for i Phone5 and 6!

Keep it up guys, you have build up hell of a forum You have people stealing your posts and pictures. They are a pure racist website, there spokesmen are only into talking degradingly about white men's ethic level.

When you are ready to find love, jumping into the world on Internet love makes you a willing participant in your own destiny.

There is no faster way to learn that the world is bigger than Tyrone, D Lova and Stan to see that Jason and Tony are also interested in Y-O-U.1. There are so many sites out there that it can make your head of coiffed coils spin!

There are so many things that need to happen with this app.

First, it could really use a much cleaner interface. The set up of notes sometimes makes it difficult to send and respond to messages.

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